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Getting people to your website is a huge part of a business’s online success, but it’s not good enough to just get them there, you need to get them to convert. Whether you are trying to get them to a certain page or to fill out a form, the use of call to actions can be very effective and should absolutely be used to your advantage. The success of them is affected by the quality of the CTA, but what makes a call to action good?

One extremely important factor to consider when making call to actions is to ensure that there is at least one visible at all times on the website. You don’t want your visitors to struggle to find call to actions, so make sure that there is one visible at all times when exploring your website. This needs to be done with care because what you do not want to happen is to appear spammy. We’ve all been on a website with constant popups and flashy over the top call to actions in your face non-stop, and it is very off-putting. Moderate how intrusive your CTAs are and try to find the perfect balance for your consumers.

Another thing to thinks about is what device your visitors are using. CTAs designed for mobile are often very different to those designed for desktop. There have been many cases of websites not being mobile-friendly when the majority of their users are using mobile phones to view the site, and this will lead to a massive drop off in conversions. Find out what the majority of your visitors are using when they visit the site and be sure that your CTAs are suitable for that device.

You also want your call to action to be exciting and convincing. Give your visitor a reason to click the button, fill out the form or whatever it may be. If there is no reason for them to do it, they just won’t convert. You can achieve this by using impactful text, images, colours and more. If your wording is exciting and powerful it will be far more successful than just a simple “click here” button. The same applies with strong imagery and colours. Explore a variety of options whilst staying true to your brand and target market, and you will find the best call to action for your business.

We hope these few pointers will help improve your call to actions and increase your conversion rate. If you have any further questions about call to actions or anything within marketing, feel free to visit our contact page and get in touch with us.