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As we all know, branding is extremely powerful and is something that new and existing businesses should invest time, money and energy into. However, what many people don’t know is that branding is so much more than just a logo. A businesses logo is vital to a businesses brand, but there is so much more to it. The design of a brand shows the world your message and what you stand for.

An example of this is Apple, who portray themselves as a modern, high-end and luxurious brand, and they achieve this through their well thought out branding strategy. Before Steve Jobs became the CEO of Apple, the branding was much different to the one we all know now. Multi-coloured and a bit nerdy, the branding was suitable at the time for the tech company that they were, but with the right change in branding and a new direction they became so much more. They completely changed the businesses colour scheme with metallic colours, mainly silver. Almost every apple product is now a metallic cover, very minimalist and modern. This also applies to there stores, website, packaging and much more. The entire branding was re-thought and has proved to be unbelievably successful. Nothing was missed out in the rebranding, and this has allowed Apple to really push the feel of the business and the products that they wanted to the consumers.

Design has also allowed businesses to price up products purely for the design. The product itself may have the same functionality as a competitor and the same quality of material but for a higher price. However, people will buy what is visually appealing, whether it be the product itself or the brand identity. We are willing to pay an excess for the image, which is what design is.

This truly shows the effect of well-thought out design. Many techniques that are used in business design today are picked up by us subconsciously, for example colour theory and white space. Good design is what separates a good brand from a great brand, a recognisable brand from an international brand. This is why design is so important when building a brand.