July 19, 2019

Top tips for logo design

July 3, 2019 in Blog

What is white space and how can you use it?

A large part of what makes a website successful is the presentation and aesthetic appeal. Creative use of images, text and design definitely help, but sometimes less is more. Clean and simple web design is very easy on the eye, and one of the most effective techniques to achieve this is to use white space, also known as negative space.…
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June 17, 2019 in Blog

Your website is a vital part of your brand positioning

Websites serve many purposes, but did you know they’re a vital part of your brand positioning? With excellent web design, you can build a brand that’s positioned perfectly in your target market. People will see what you can do for them, and how you’re better than the rest. How does a website help with all of this? Well, there are…
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